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[REC] 4: Apocalypse
IMDB: 5.40
Year: 31 Oct, 2014
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The television reporter Ángela Vidal awakes in a ship and finds that she is locked in her cabin in quarantine. She escapes and stumbles with Guzmán, who rescued her from the apartment building in Spain. They discover that Dr. Ginard and Dr. Ricarte are researching a cure for the lethal infection in the ship. Guzmán goes to the wheelhouse and he is introduced to Captain Ortega that is in his last voyage and radio operator and hacker Nic that is trying to retrieve the footages in Ángela's camera. There is a blackout in the vessel and Dr. Ricarte discovers that someone released their guinea pig, an infected monkey where they would test an antidote. The monkey attacks the cook and most of the crew is infected by their lunch. Meanwhile Nic retrieves the footage from the camera and Dr. Ricarte sees the girl Tristana Medeiros transferring the worm-like virus to Angela that claims that is not infected. However Dr. Ricarte believes that Ángela is the hostage and patient zero and wants to extract the parasite from her belly to test the antidote. In the middle of the chaos on board, will the attempt work?

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