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7 Women
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It's 1935 on the Chinese side of the China-Mongolia border, a region of lawlessness due to the fighting between and amongst the feuding war lords and marauding bandits. American Christian missionaries, led by unbending and strict Agatha Andrews, have set up a mission in the area. She believes because they are doing God's work and because they are American, the war lords and bandits will leave them unharmed with the potential bloodshed staying outside their mission walls. They have had troubles trying to recruit a doctor, especially needed as one of their own, the constantly worried Florrie Pether, wife of the only male teacher in the camp, mama's boy Charles Pether, is at an advanced stage of pregnancy, compounded with the fact that this pregnancy is Florrie's first and she is near menopausal. They do eventually recruit a doctor, who they don't realize is a non-religious emancipated female until she arrives. She is Dr. D.R. Cartwright, who has her own reasons for taking the job despite her secular background. She and Andrews are immediately at odds with each other, even more so as time goes on as Cartwright does things in the name of preserving life which may be against Christian morals. The missionaries and Cartwright end up battling potential disease entering the camp and protecting themselves against one specifically ruthless Mongolian bandit named Tunga Khan, who has already destroyed the British mission in the area. But the eternal battle may be for the soul of Emma Clark, the youngest and most inexperienced missionary who is fascinated by Cartwright against the warnings of Andrews of she being the devil incarnate.

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